Ever feel like you’re only scratching the surface of what your iPhone can do? Welcome, you’re in the right place! While the iPhone is well-regarded for its sleek design and user-friendly interface, there’s a good chance you’re missing out on some of its most impressive features. With its constant updates and hidden setting options, there are various less-known features that can significantly enhance your user experience. 

From efficiency-boosting shortcuts to unexpected ways to customize your phone, we’re here to shine a spotlight on the iPhone features you might not be using—but absolutely should be.

So, sit back, relax, and let’s delve into the fascinating world of iPhone features that are waiting for you to explore.

Fingerprint Actions Beyond Unlocking 

Contrary to popular belief, your iPhone’s fingerprint scanner can do more than just unlock your phone. It can also be used to approve purchases and fill in passwords with Touch ID. Open your settings, navigate to the ‘Touch ID & Passcode’ section, and you’ll find options to enable this feature for iTunes, App Store purchases, and more. 

Shake to Undo Typing on iPhone

Ever made a typo when texting? iPhone has a hidden undo feature that saves you time. You no longer need to backspace or delete — simply shake your phone to prompt the undo typing notification. Just tap ‘Undo’ to remove text recently typed. Go to ‘Settings’ then ‘Accessibility,’ choose ‘Touch,’ and then ‘Shake to Undo’ to enable or disable this feature. 

Magnifying Glass Functionality 

Your iPhone’s camera has built-in magnification features that can come in handy. You can use your device like a magnifying glass by accessing ‘Settings’, selecting ‘Accessibility’, then ‘Magnifier’. Simply triple click your side or home button when you need to magnify anything. 

Custom Vibration Alerts 

Did you know you can set different vibrations for your contacts? This means you can identify who’s calling without glancing at your screen. Go to ‘Contacts’, select a specific contact, click ‘Edit’, then select ‘Vibration’ and choose from the various options or create your own. 

Making the most out of these iPhone features can entirely change your interactions with your device, providing you not only customizability but also comfort and ease. So, get to know your iPhone a little better and make it work for you even more efficiently.

Seamlessly Switch Between Apps 

Efficiency lovers ought to tap into iPhone’s App Switcher for effortless toggling between applications. By simply double-clicking the Home button or swiping up from the bottom if you’re using Face ID, you can access your recent apps. Even better, thanks to iOS’s clever programming, swiping left or right with three fingers helps you cycle through your opened apps instantly. You’ll never have to return to the Home screen just to change apps again. 

Swift Scrolling to the Top 

Scrolling to the top of a page can be a tedious affair, especially after a long read. But did you know there’s an iPhone shortcut for that? Simply tapping the status bar—the top edge of your screen—will zip you right back up to the top. This nifty trick applies to any app in which you might be scrolling. 

Smart Charging to Extend Battery Life 

A sputtering battery can put a damper on your day. Address such challenges head-on with iPhone’s Optimized Battery Charging setting. The smart charging system learns from your daily habits to slow down battery ageing. For instance, it will momentarily pause charging at 80% until you need your phone to be fully charged. You can enable this feature under Settings

Dictation Instead Of Typing 

Did you know your iPhone can type out what you speak? This is a godsend for those moments when typing is inconvenient or slow. It’s a snap to use—just tap the microphone icon on your iPhone keyboard and start dictifying your message. Once you’re done, tap ‘Done’ and your spoken words will be transformed into text. Just remember, this feature needs internet connectivity to work. 

Bedtime Mode For Healthier Sleeping 

In today’s hyper connected age, enjoying a good night’s sleep can be challenging. But here’s where your iPhone can help. Bedtime Mode is a neat little tool in your Clock app which nudges you to go to bed on time. Simply set your preferred sleep and wake times, and your iPhone will remind you when it’s time to hit the sack. Furthermore, it can also chart your sleeping patterns, enabling you to understand your sleep cycles better. 

Use Live Photo Effects 

iPhone’s Live Photos feature brings your pictures to life, capturing a 3-second snippet of action and sound with the press of a button. But did you know you can add effects to your Live Photos too? By swiping up on a Live Photo, you can apply effects like ‘Loop’ and ‘Bounce’. These effects can transform a simple snapshot into an engaging, dynamic image. 

Explore Augmented Reality (AR) 

If you’ve ever wanted to try AR, Apple’s ARKit platform is a good place to start. It lets developers create high-quality AR experiences that blend digital objects and information with the real world. AR apps on iPhone can help you with home decoration, education, gaming and more. Just find and download an AR app from the App Store, and immerse yourself into a whole new world.

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